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Kernan Valley, Tandragee, NI
Carrickmore Fly-In, May 8th 2017
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Mourne Flying Club Kilkeel-Derryogue Fly-In 2016
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Ballyboy Downe's Syndrome Charity Fly-In
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Pre-Season Training 2016
Pre-Season Briefing 2016
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Kilkenny Aerodrome 50th Anniversary Air Show
NMAI Hooley in the Hangar 2015
Weston Special Day of Flying 2015
Trim Fly-In & BBQ 2015
National Hunt Festival, Punchestown 2015
Trim Flying Club BBQ 13th September 2014
Foynes/Shannon 75th Anniversary Air Show
Ballyboy Fly-In in aid of Downes Syndrome Ireland
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Wings Over Houston Airshow, Texas, 2013
Carrickmore Charity Fly-In May 2013
National Hunt Festival, Punchestown 2013
FII / NMAI Third Annual Fly-In, 2013, Limetree
Limetree, St Patrick's Weekend March 2013
Safety on the Ramp Seminar & End of Season Debrief
Wings Over Houston Airshow, Houston, Texas 2012
Safe Heli Ops Training Day
Carrickmore Charity Fly-In Sept. 2012
ILAS Fly-In, ILAS Field, Taghmon, 8/9th Sept 2012
LAA Rally, Sywell Airfield, UK, 2012
Wobbley Weekend, Limetree 2012
Flying in Ireland Magazine & NMAI Fly-In 2012
Ballyboy Fly-In & BBQ 4th June 2012
Flying Farmers Tour - Ballyboy 1st June 2012
Carrickmore Fly-In May 2012
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Wings Over Houston Airshow, Texas, 2011
CAF Air Show 2011, Midland, Texas
TRARON 2011, Odessa-Schleymeyer, Texas
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Trim Annual BBQ Fly-In 2011
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A look at "The Day Job" on a busy ramp.
Maritime Marshallers 1976 & '77
 Hosted by Ormand Flying Club, Birr Airfield, County Offaly
 1st July 2017
 Downs Syndrome charity fly-in, June 4th 2017
 Charity Fly-In, 3rd June 2017
The annual C'more Fly-In weekend
 Civil Air Patrol - NI Sky Watch Heli Ops Training Day, Dublin - Weston, 01 April 2017
The annual Commemorative Air Force "Wings Over Houston Airshow" at Ellington Field (Johnson Space Center), Texas with Commemorative Air Force Marshallers Detachment & Lone Star Flight Museum Marshallers
Ormand Flying Club, 25th September 2016
Taghmon, August 28th. Photos by: Gabriel Desmond, Ken Meegan, Paddy Kilduff, Joe McDermott
Mourne Flying Club at Kilkeel-Derryogue Airfield, County Down, held their annual event in aid of both New Beginnings Charitable Trust & The Brain Tumor Charity on August 13th. Fifty one visitors inclusing six helicopters had the field at almost capacity in excellent weather. Follow Me-Aircraft Marshallers assisted with Ground Ops while Philip Wright took care of R/T with Mark Chambers & Ian Thompson supporting. Kippers & Crab Toes (Claws) for brunch !
Dublin-Weston Executive Airport acted as support airfield for the Bray Air Display 2016, hosting approx 20 display aircraft.

Follow Me - Aircraft Marshallers worked the display ramp in co-operation with the airports own Ground Operations team, lead by Director of Operations Dave Scully & Chief Fire Officer Alan Coulahan.
Brittas House airfield was once again used as a support base for the Foynes Air Show, organized in support of the Foynes Flying Boat Museum. Althought the weather played a negitive role over the weekend & a number of display aircraft did not make the trip across the Irish Sea from the UK, support operations at Brittas House continued. Jim Taggart did make it in from Scotland in his Stolp Starduster as did Mark Levy & Dave Boardman in their Aerostar Yakovlev 50s. Possibly the most unusual visitor was the Speed Twin, flown by Malcolm Ducker of Speedtwin Developments Ltd.

Among the Irish display pilots were, Andrew Fenton, David Bruton, Eddie Goggins, Harry Humphries, Paul O'Donnell, the Irish Historic Flight Foundation team flying the 3 DHC.1 Chipmunks & the Aer Lingus Charitable Foundation with the DH.84 Dragon.
Photos by Paddy Kilduff, Joe McDermott & Paul Kolbe
In support of Marie Curie Brest Cancer Awarness
Photos by Paddy Kilduff
5th June 2016
26th April
24th April 2016, Birr Airfield
1: Marshalling (Heli), Heli-Ops (Rotors Running), training & recurrent
2: Single Engine Propeller Aircraft, Multi Engine Propeller Aircraft Program
3: Multi Engine Jet Aircraft
4. Pre-season liasion with Irish Historic Flight Foundation.

Photos by Paddy Kilduff & Joe McDermott

Some of the members of Follow Me-Aircraft Marshallers crew, with Jim O'Sullivan (Exchequer Aircraft Leasing) & Dave Scully (Irish Business Aviation Association) at the Stephens Green Hibernian Club, Dublin for the groups 2016 Pre-Season briefing, sponsored by Exchequer Aircraft Leasing. During the evening the 2016 season events list to date was disclosed, eleven so far, very high for so early in the year. A return to join our colleagues from the Commemorative Air Force Marshallers Detachment & the Lone Star Flight Museum Marshallers at Ellington Field, Texas for Wings Over Houston will round 2016 off. Also, recurrent training schedule confirmed as well as Heli-Ops courses. The evening ended with a toast to the memory of our fallen friend Joe "Jag" Gallagher who's dry wit is especially missed!
Annual Commemorative Air Force event at Ellington Field, Houston, Texas
Birr Airfield/EIBR
Organized by David Burnes, Skydive Ireland.
Already postponed once, the NMAI Around Ireland Rally was canceled, but the Hooley in the Hangar went ahead, despite gale force winds blowing!
Our thanks to photographers: Aidan "Murph" Murphy, Brian Meegan, Weston Special Day of Flying, Bryan Hogan, Paul Kolbe
Photos by Paddy Kilduff, Paul Kolbe & Joe McDermott
Brittas House Airfield, 5th / 6th July 2014
Ballyboy Fly-In & BBQ in aid of Downs Syndrome Ireland. 1st June 2014. Organized by Bernard Cullen. Photos by Gerry Barron & Joe McDermott.
Sports Club 15 - Special Olympics Club - Weston's Special Day of Flying, Weston Airport, 10th May 2014. Photos by Ken Megan & Paul Kolbe. 
Organised by Ian Thompson.

Photos by Ian Thompson & Mark McDermott
National Hunt Festival 2013, Punchestown Racecourse & Marshallers Heli Ops Training Sign-Off
Hosted by Limetree Airfield
Our thanks to Ian Thompson for sending us these photographs.
Wings Over Houston Airshow 2012, Houston-Ellington Field, Johnson Space Centre, Texas, October 26-28th, 2012 with Commemerative Air Force & Lone Star Flight Museum Galveston marshallers/ground crews.
Safe Heli Ops Training Day, 20 October 2012, with Dave Scully, Aviation Events Managment Ltd. Special thanks to Newcastle Aerodrome Manager, Johnny Nugent
Carrickmore "Playing for Life" Charity Fly-In 22/23 September 2012
Sywell Airfield hosted the LAA (Light Aircraft Association) Annual Rally 2012,  Aug 30 - Sep 2nd with approx 1025 aircraft arrivals over four days, (Thu x 51, Fri x 311, Sat x 588, Sun x 75) all marshalled by The North Weald Marshallers. This year Follow Me-Aircraft Marshallers were invited to work the ramp at the event.

Set in the heart of Northamptonshire, Sywell Airport boasts one of the best General Aviation Airfields in the United Kingdom. With superb airfield facilities and a wonderful Art Deco styled Hotel & Restraurant (opened by none other than Group Capt Douglas Bader in 1958), it is easy to see why many pilots consider this one of the finest fly-in destinations.

Sywell is also the home of FlyLight Aerosports Ltd., a busy & thriving micro-light specialists who can count one Lorcan Parker as part of their team. Lorcan is well known across Ireland as one of the authors/photographers for Aviators Guide to Ireland, the best Airstrip/Airfield/Airport Guide ever produced for Ireland.

FlyLight are unique in the UK in offering services that cover all types of light recreational aviation, from paragliding through to high-performance touring microlights.
Woobley Weekend, Wheight Shift get together & BBQ, Limetree Airfield, August 11th & 12th 2012.
Very strong cross winds curtailed the event with few weight shifts getting in but none the less Saturday turned into a great afternoon with an excellent BBQ & even some sunshine
2nd Annual Flying in Ireland Magazine & NMAI Fly-In, 14/15th July 2012, IPC Clonbullogue Airfield, County Offaly
Ballyboy Airfield, Athboy, County Meath. Annual Fly-In, Open Day & BBQ. 4th June 2012
The Flying Farmers Association (UK) kicked off their 2012 Tour of Ireland by visiting Ballyboy on 1st June
Carrickmore Flying Club "Playing For Life"  charity fly-in
National Hunt Festival, Punchestown Racecourse, April 2012. Heli-Ops by Aviation Events Management Ltd.
Wings Over Houston Airshow 2011, Houston-Ellington Field, Johnson Space Centre, Texas. October 14-16, 2011
Commemorative Air Force Air Show, Midland, Texas. October 7-9, 2011
TRARON - Training Squadron No. 1, Commemorative Air Force, October 6-7, 2011. Held each year for Formation Flying Practice for CAF members.
'Oars of Hope - From Manx to Boyne's Banks'
Cooley Flyers show support for the team that aims to raise funds for the Boyne Fishermen's River Rescue.Supported by: Follow Me-Aircraft Marshallers & Aviation Events Management Ltd
Electric Picnic Arts & Music Festival, 2011, Stradbally Estate, County Laoise.
Hosted by the Irish Parachute Club, Clonbullogue/EICL, 2/3rd July 2011
Hosted by the Trim Flying Club
Heli Air Robinson R-66 Demonstration Days at Newcastle Aerodrome 10/11 May 2011
Follow Me-Aircraft Marshallers support Dave Scully/Executive Helicopters with the Children In Crossfire Dalai Lama visit to Ireland.
Our thanks to Paddy Kilduff & Sean Carvin for this trip down memory lane with Captain Charlie Blair's Sandringham (civilianised Sunderland) Flying Boat  VP-LVE "Southern Cross" of Antilles Flying Boats
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